Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Green Party candidate for Fort Whyte

Fort Whyte Green

Image Source: Winnipeg Metro (who
obtained it from a supplied photo). 
The Green Party of Manitoba has a candidate running in the Fort Whyte by-election: Donnie Benham. Like Liberal contender Bob Axeworthy, the Green candidate has some politically involved relatives. Donald Benham (Sr) was the the River Heights-Fort Gary city councillor from 2004 to 2006

Donnie Benham has experience as a security guard, Air Cadet, and volunteer with Downtown Watch. He's one of the younger candidates running in the Fort Whyte by-election - which he sees as an asset. Benham also claims as a positive the fact that he doesn't have "old-line parties to hold loyalty to".

The Green contender is running on the Honesty in Politics Act, a prospective bill proposed by the Greens which would require MLAs that resign in-between elections to give back all government contributions to their pension, with interest. It's something of a pet issue for Benham, who was quite upset that Hugh McFadyen quit recently after his re-election for a better (that is, PR & likely lobbyist type) job.

"If I joined the Canadian Armed Forces, and went Away Without Leave (AWOL,) I would be prosecuted. People who run for office should expect penalties for not serving out their terms," Benham said.

("Donnie H.J. Benham challenges Brian Pallister: Don't show contempt for Fort Whyte voters". August 16, 2012. Green Party of Manitoba Press release)
Donnie Benham has pledged not to resign, if elected, before completing his term. If he does, he states he will give back his pension. He's challenging Fort Whyte PC candidate and PC Leader Brian Pallister to do the same.

The Green candidate also seeks to the challenges the party's reputation as being filled of nothing but "Birkenstock-wearing hippies". I do wonder what the Birkenstock-wearing hippies within the party will think of that?!! Maybe we'll get to see a viciously sectarian, 2004 Federal Liberal Party style civil war happen!

Kidding aside, I wish him the best of luck. Still, the Greens will probably finnish fourth - behind the PCs, NDP, and Liberals.

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  1. I can see Benham's point to an extent. Politicians that resign for no apparent reason, to run for higher political office or to make some sort of point is one thing.

    I have a little bit of an issue when it comes to part leadership. I think there is some sort of expectation from the Public that the party leader sit in the Legislature as soon as possible after becoming leader.

  2. If honesty in politics is the credo, should he not also advocate for people running in a riding be from that riding?