Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hilarious ad from south of the border

It's quite a humorous ad. Most people, I think, realize that Romney isn't literally going to take money out of your pocket but will rather redistribute income upwards, like countless rightists in Anglo-American nations have done, through conservative corporate welfare state measures. 

Still wonder if Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister would consider this ad "smearing the poor guy" know as Mitt Romney. Pallister, of course, opined on US politics by chastising Barack Obama's "smearing" of "poor guy" Mitt Romney while speaking to a room full of people. 

I do think there's an opportunity as a political party for us to do something that has not been done .. and that is this: In this age of smearing, of negativity, of negative ads, of badmouthing, of half-truth ... Watching Obama go after Romney in the States right now -he's not even using data, research, or fact. He's just smearing the poor guy. [My emphasis added]


I ask you this, can we not ... can we not conduct ourselves as people who have respect for other people? Can we not lead the way in behaving as if our children were here, watching us, every step of the way? 
 (Brian Pallister, speaking to supporters - on or before June 13, 2012)
Under my judgement, Pallister's falling a bit short of this lofty goal. Still wondering what "smears" Obama delivered, as his camp's ads seem factually correct as does this third party MoveOn.Org ad.

Is honestly stating the agenda of rightwing, upward wealth redistributionist politicians "smears"? Also wonder what Pallister's economic plans will include, once he devises an actual platform above "Not the NDP".

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