Thursday, 9 August 2012

Liberals have a Fort Whyte candidate

Bob Axeworthy photographed with a team
he coaches.

Image Source: John Dobbin
The Manitoba Liberal Party has a candidate out in Fort Whyte, an Axeworthy no less. The NDP has previously declared a candidate and PC leader Brian Pallister will likely be his party's nominee.

Bob Axeworthy - the brother of Lloyd Axeworthy (a cabinet minister in the Chretien Liberal government and current UofW president)  and 13 year Fort Whyte resident will carry the Liberal banner. Axeworthy has experience helping out with a community club in the area and coaching in Winnipeg. He's also a small business owner.

The Manitoba Liberals are in a tough spot. Given political polarization, red Liberals might swing NDP while blue Liberals go for the PCs. True dead centre centrists are few and far between

Is Bob the man to win the Liberals a non-leader seat and renewed spot in Manitoba's provincial politics? Time will tell.

(Hat tip to John Dobbin)

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