Thursday, 23 August 2012

NHL "largely happy" with current system

Image Source: Heritage Classic Tickets blog
The NHL is largely happy with the current economic system, but has made no secret of the fact it would like to see the end to heavily front-loaded, long-term contacts. As part of its proposal, deals would be capped at five years and would be required to pay the same amount each season.

("NHL collective bargaining talks cancelled for the day, will resume Thursday"The Canadian Press (August 22, 2012).)

This doesn't seem like an imminent, structural problem for the NHL - it just seems like the commissioner is being stubborn, digging in his heels to get the best possible deal imaginable.

This could cost us part of a season of hockey, less the players union or commissioner budge before Sept. 15.

Missing some kickass Jets games will suck.

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