Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Toews Judgeship a real possibility

Judge Toews?

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Well, according to Don Martin, Vic Toews has a real shot at filling the opening on the Manitoba Court of Appeals - the highest court in our province. I'm sure that Vic Toews, whose railed for years against "judicial activism", will just execute the law as it is written. He sure as heck won't use his legal background to sophistically argue for extending government spying or to push an anti-civil liberties, radically rightwing agenda ... right?

Now would be a great time to correct an egregious factual error that I made earlier. In "Judge Dredd or Dreadful Judge?" I seemed to imply that Marni "no fly zone" Larkin and John Tropak were nominees for the judgeship. They aren't. They're federal justice minister nominees to the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Manitoba - which is involved in the judge selection process.

The federal justice minister - who is a CON - appoints three members of the committee. Thus far they all appear to be people associated with the Federal or Provincial Conservatives in Manitoba.

Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Manitoba members.

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Provincial minister of justice
Andrew Swan.

He has yet to nominate someone
to the Judicial Advisor Committee.

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Marni "no fly zone" Larkin - someone whose ran campaigns for federal and provincial Conservatives, as well as having run small-c conservative populist Sam Katz's mayoral campaign. This linchpin of Winnipeg Conservatism declared the University of Winnipeg a "no fly zone" in an email to Conservative candidates. She's truly respectful to the next generation, eh?

 Jonathon Lyon - son of former Manitoba PC leader and one-term Premier Sterling Lyon. Lyon has been involved behind the scenes as a special advisor in the Filmon government and as former provincial Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen's chief of staff. 

John Tropak - Campaign manager for the CON MP for Saint Boniface Shelly Glover.

All three CONs have connections to Vic Toews and serve as integral players in the Manitoba Conservative machine. Don Martin speculates that this is so because they'll serve to push him through.

Manitoba minister of justice - the provincial New Democrat Andrew Swan - has yet to nominate someone to the Judicial Advisory Committee.

Will Judge Toews be the Tory pick for judgeship? Only time will tell, but the widespread rumours amongst the political class is a very ominous sign

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