Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Prairie Mag!

A new online Magazine - the Spectator Tribune - claims that it will be out this fall. It's trying to fill a similar niche that a magazine like Toronto Life does, but in the prairies. Not a whole lot of info on the Spectator Tribune has been released, aside from (h/t WIPs) the fact that many Winnipeggers are staffing it. It pledges to be cover "interesting, pressing, thought-provoking, divisive" issues and is looking for " brave, edgy writer[s] with strong opinions and the brains to back them up". Looks like some politics will be covered.

There's a history of Western-centric magazines. Country club conservative and anti-environmentalist Ezra Levant played a big role in starting up the "Western Standard", a hard right paper that played off regional tensions between the west and east while writing from a solidly rightwing perspective. But the Spectator Tribune seems like it will be a better written and more nuanced - like the Saskatchewan-centric Prairie Dog Magazine.

It's fall, the magazine doesn't seem to have launched yet. The suspense is killing me!

Hope it does well. There's a lot of bright, young talented writers in the Canadian prairies that could use the outlet.

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  1. Maybe The Spectator Tribune could contact all those Free Press journalists that just got fired! See? Closed door... open window!

  2. I doubt an online startup could afford to pay a living wage... it's sort of like saying if you're a mechanic and you get laid off, you could always fix cars in your garage for free. Sure it will help pass the time, but it's kind of tough to pay the bills that way.