Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Black Box that is the Pallister vision

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Dan Lett has a column out stating the obvious: Pallister is failing to reveal his plans for our province.

So far the crowned Manitoba PC Leader has offered his position on the property rights of aboriginal women in First Nations communities (an issue where he's actually standing up for rights instead of opposing them). This gives us little clue about what he'd do as Premier (except, perhaps, lobby the feds for changes) as this is a federal issue due to a gap in federal legislation. Nonetheless, it's nice to see that he's giving moral support to the cause.

The other Pallister position is to freeze Hydro rates until new projects are reviewed. This is, thus far, the only real position on provincial public policy the crowned leader of the Manitoba PCs has delivered. He's mostly sticking to bromides against "overspending" and hammering "Greg S." for having a "spending problem".

Pallister seems to be clamping down on media outreach and information as well. His website lacks the (low substance) speeches it used host. Fortunately, one can still obtain a "catched" version of his speech to the Conservative Club of Winnipeg thanks to google. He defines himself as a "fiscal conservative" and "practical centrist" there, but still doesn't seem to present the policies to prove it.

One has to wonder if Brian Pallister realizes that he has a record in the House of Commons and as a 1998 Federal PC Leadership contender. Many politically engaged Manitobans will use these to gauge what direction he'll lead our province in if he doesn't present new ideas.  I mean, there's a trend of politicians of all stripes offering less and less, shifting towards platitudes and tight message control, but this has got to stop for the sake of the province and the country.

Pallister, it seems, is just trying to channel a folksy, glib appeal like Gary Doer - the consummate retail politician. Is this what we have to look forward to in Manitoba, two guys shaking hands and giving "go team Manitoba" speeches? Our province deserves better.    

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