Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Brian Pallister finally has a policy idea!!

Provincial Conservative leader has
proposed to raise the personal tax

Photo from summer, as he campaigned
for leadership of the provincial

Image Source: Winnipeg Metro
Brian Pallister's proposing to raise the basic personal exemption -the threshold under which Manitobans don't pay taxes - from $8,634 to $10,617.

This announcement breaks Pallister's trend of keeping quiet about his plans for Manitoba. The policy isn't horrible, given that it'd benefit the working poor who suffer from a variety of regressive revenue generators in this province.

However, knowing that Pallister has frequently criticized "Greg S." for overspending, there's a risk that this tax cut proposal is just an attempt to "starve the beast" by playing Santa as he cuts taxes for the working poor while slashing public social investments that benefit them once in office.

While Manitoba has a lower basic income exemption than other provinces, the bottom 60% of Manitoban income earners had more money in there after tax income compared to their market income thanks to transfers Manitoba's income tax system still has a high degree of fairness and equity, regardless of the lower basic personal exemption.

If the Pallister uses his tax cut for the working poor as an excuse to cut more beneficial direct public social investments once elected, hard-working poor Manitobans will suffer. One hopes he'll chose against such an ill-advised policy, despite commitments to "reduce spending" with few specifics.           

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