Saturday, 17 November 2012

Great New Blog

A new blog's on the scene: the WpgNewsReview. The blog was started less than two months ago, in October, and has a lot more content than one would expect for such a new entity.

It's written by a business owner, former military serviceperson and 40 year Legion member. The blogger aims for media criticism while categorically rejecting the notion that they're an alternative journalist or that their blog is a substitute for newspapers.

There's a lot of solid analysis on the blog, particularly when it comes to municipal public administration and public finances. For instance, there's several posts on the city's snow removal scheme - detailing the media announcements, zoning schemes, and city contracts.

I think we is in big trouble

How to tell when a politician or hack is lying?

What's all the hubbub - bub?

Snow removal - two thumbs up (their bums)

There's also an analysis of the city's contract with Emterra for garbage removal.

Great stuff, really.

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