Friday, 9 November 2012

Transportation Poll

Response from readers to poll on mode of transportation.

Image Source: Constructed by The Analyst off excel. 

Now's probably the time to finally get around to writing a post about the results from the "Mode of Transportation" poll of readers that was open in the summer. A plurality of readers who responded to the poll drive a personal automobile (45%) and, when car poolers (5%) are added, 50% of reader poll respondents are motorists. Bicycling (18%) and Public Transit (16%) were the runners up.

Image Source: Constructed by The Analyst.

Motorists made up a lesser percentage of site survey respondents than they do of Winnipeg's overall Labour Force (according to the 2006 census). Bicyclists made up a substantially higher portion of site survey respondents (18%) than they do for the Winnipeg Labour Force at large (1.8%). Public transit users were slightly over-represented (16% of site survey respondent's versus 14.20% of the Winnipeg Labour Force).

Overall, it seems that The Winnipeg RAG Review readership (or, at least, poll responders - given the comically small sample size and selection bias) have diverse commuting habits.

Mode of transportation for the Winnipeg Labour Force, according
to the 2006 census.

Image Source: Constructed by The Analyst based on 2006 census

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    3. I still prefer bicycling to busing, even in the winter.