Thursday, 13 December 2012

Too true!

Sam Katz, for context, has put himself at the heart of a variety of conflict of interest allegations by failing to put his financial affairs into a blind trust. While not mandated by law, putting financial affairs in a blind trust is a great way for municipal politicians to avoid potential conflict of interest disputes.

The country club (small c) conservative seems to be utterly ignorant of the corruptive effect money in politics has. While lamenting the Manitoba NDP for endorsing council candidates, he spoke of the Manitoba Government's ban on corporate AND union donations as being a bad policy that specifically hurts right of centre council candidates. Either Katz was ignorant of the fact that unions could also donate to council candidates or he knew that big corporate donors were a lot more powerful than union donors.

Either way, he has a bad mindset, one which views businesses as entitled to interfere in municipal elections via money. This mentality is utterly incompatible with public service and makes it much more likely that Katz will confuse private interests with public duty elsewhere, such as in matters of municipal policy.  

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1 comment:

  1. Money should be banned from politics. Everyone should get a $100 budget and nobody should be allowed to help them campaign.