Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shout Out:19th century Prairie Aboriginal Farmers

Image Source: Tsuu T'ina Nation
Obtained from âpihtawikosisân

 I've been wading in and out of an infuriating debate with some wingnuts on Winnipeg Zoom (a particularly fact-adverse wingnut being LRT/Purple Helmet Rod). Feel free to join the debate (after joining Winnipeg Zoom), though confronting common Braydon Maz style racism might be depressing.

Montreal-based blogger âpihtawikosisân has a great article on the history of prairie aboriginal farms, noting that they were given crappy land, less resources, and micromanaged. The farms still succeeded, until the Government of the day decided to implement more destructive polices which undermined them.

In the process of pointing out the history of aboriginal prairie farms (using the article as a resource), I found out that math is apparently wrong in wingnut minds. The article focused on farms set up in the 1870s, which we'd conventionally say covers a range of 142 years ago to 133 years ago - though the article also talked about discriminatory policies up to the interwar period (which started 94 years ago).

Apparently, however, that's stuff from "200 years ago". At least that's the case in LRT's mind.

I guess Residential Schools are also ancient history! 

Honestly, the blindingly obvious reality bigots have to deny to ignore the real, recent harm and disadvantages conferred upon Canada's first peoples is amazing. You can douse a wingnut in facts but you cannot make them think.  

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  1. "You can douse a wingnut in facts but you cannot make them think." - Perfect. I'm stealing this ;)