Friday, 22 March 2013

Manitoba Hero Evan Wiens CBC Interview

Evan Wien, a student at Steinbach Regional Secondary School, has been trying to start up a Gay-Straigh Alliance at his school. In his quest, his school's Principal has barred him from setting up posters, fellow students have insulted him with CBC cameras rolling, and his MLA and MP have stood against legislation which would address this nonsense.

Evan Wiens was interviewed by CBC's The Current on March 25. I didn't listen to anything aside from minute 14 - 22, which is when the interview with Wiens takes place.

Fighting for the rights and well-being of other gay students is very brave-hearted and kind-hearted. The religious far-right fringe has organizational muscle and sway in Steinbach, standing up to them takes a lot of spine.

Evan Wiens is a Manitoba hero.

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