Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pro-Bill 18 Petition

The opponents of Bill 18, particularly the religious far-right, have been very loud and mobilized. They've had an outsized impact on the public discourse, with the Winnipeg Free Press noting such voices as pastor Deurksen.

Bill 18 is a very important bill, which requires schools to accommodate voluntary, life-saving Gay-Straight Alliances.

Manitoba's progressive majority needs
to speak up and counter the vocal opponents
of Bill 18.

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I sincerely believe there is a progressive majority of Manitobans on the issue. But we stand a serious threat of getting marginalized and steamrollered by the radical, religious right fringe unless we speak up. Which is why I urge all Manitoban readers to sign the Rainbow Resource Centre's PETITION IN SUPPORT OF BILL 18

To: Hon. Nancy Allen, Education Minister - Manitoba Provincial Government

We believe in safe schools for everyone. The amendments in Bill 18 will create safe and welcoming environments for students in ALL schools, public and independent. The inclusion of GSAs in schools for students that want to start them will let gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and two-spirit students know that they matter. Thank you for creating safer schools for ALL students.


[Your name]

("Support Bill 18 - Safe Schools Amendment /Anti-Bullying Bill/GSA Inclusion". Rainbow Resource Centre.

Manitoba's the egalitarian prairie province which was the first to give women the right to vote in Canada and home of the first large North American city to elect an openly gay mayor. Let's continue the fine, Manitoban tradition of equality and fairness for all.

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