Saturday, 6 April 2013

Be prepared for another post drought

Image Source: Editor Whetter's Blog
Whether it's the ongoing Bill 18 situation, budgets (federal, provincial, or municipal), the closure of Pots N Hands in the town of Morris, or Pallister's support for raising rental allowances, there's a lot of topics to analyze. Unfortunately, it looks like they'll be a post drought - I already feel like I've been burning a candle at both ends and have a lot of commitments to address this month. There probably won't be a lot of posts until late April.

I'll probably still be sending out the odd tweet and posting intriguing links on the Winnipeg Subreddit. There's also the great list of local bloggers on the Winnipeg blogosphere blogroll that I'd recommend checking out to stay up to date on important local matters.

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  1. Like, who cares

    1. I take the fact this announcement compelled you to comment as evidence that, in your own odd little way, you're expressing how much you'll miss semi-regular updates from this blog.

      Fear not, I shall return. :P