Monday, 27 May 2013

Katz dislikes CUPE & wastes $90K in public funds

Sam Katz is kicking the public in the face with his
reckless disregard for our money.

Image Source
Like all well heeled, fake populist rightwingers Sam Katz has a hate-on for organizations that democratically represent workers.

In the past, our Mayor has claimed that P3 accountability measures - measures to ensure private contractors don't fleece the public purse for private gain - are based on "union interests".

Public sector unions, like the rest of the public, seem concerned that private companies don't legally loot our city. This, apparently, is a bad thing in his worship's mind.

Now, however, our mayor has taken his hatred of labour organizations to a new low and squandered $90,000 in public funds.

How so?

Well, after launching the $90K ad campaign to drum up citizen support for privatizing our golf courses before a council vote, Katz claims he "knew" he'd lose the vote.

Sam Katz, enjoying a hard day's work
at the open house of the  St. Charles Country Club (top)*.

The St. Charles Country Club is a place
Winnipeggers with means can go for golf if all the city
courses are sold off..

The nefarious men and women of
CUPE. (bottom).

Image Sources: Winnipeg Free Press (Top)
CUPE Manitoba (Bottom)

*Don't know that Sam Katz is an actual
country club member (tho' it wouldn't be surprising).
 Does have country club conservative mentality, though.

His rationale for spending $90K on a highly questionable ad campaign coming up to a council vote he "knew" he'd lose?

Because CUPE!!!

Katz said the ads were meant to ensure Winnipeggers had all the facts, and to counter an anti-privatization campaign launched by CUPE, the union that represents many city workers.

Katz said several councillors who were elected with union support would never endorse a proposal to lease city facilities, but it was important Winnipeggers know the plan is one response to significant budget challenges.

("Katz knew golf plan doomed 'months ago'". Mary Anges Welch (May 24, 2013). Winnipeg Free Press)
It's funny that Katz is so concerned about prospect of undue labour influence on council. Funny because he had rather harsh words to say about the provincial legislation that prevents labour organizations from donating to council campaigns.

Of course, he had harsh words about said legislation because it also prevented big corporate players from giving money to council campaigns!!

It apparently made it "more difficult for people who are right of centre" on council. 

This seems to indicate that the right-faction of council is much more captured by corporate interests than the left-faction is by labour interests. I guess the right's support among the public really is so thin that they're desperate without big corporate bucks. 

The extreme power of private interest over the civic right really shows with the proliferation of questionable deals with businesses under the Sam Katz mayoralty. One can only imagine in their worst nightmares how much worse matters would be if these interests were funding Katz's re-election campaigns.

Municipal politics can be a scary business, eh?  

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