Friday, 31 May 2013

Please welcome new contributor Art Cramer

Image Source: Modified YMCA image
The Winnipeg RAG Review has a new contributor, left-progressive and New Democrat Art Cramer. You may have seen his first post, taking on Justin Trudeau and detailing his case for why the Papineau MP is not the progressive hope for Canada. In the upcoming year they'll hopefully be more insightful, provocative posts coming from our newest team member.

The Winnipeg RAG Review aims to provide a diverse array of left-progressive and social democratic viewpoints. There's a few other people with the power to contribute, but thus far pretty much all of the posts have been from yours truly (The Analyst). Hopefully, with some assistance from Art Cramer and others who may come to contribute, this blog will have a more multi-perspectival quality.

I can't guarantee that I'll agree with everything Art Cramer writes and I certainly can't guarantee that he'll agree with everything I write, but multiple voices should serve to broadened and deepen the discourse on this blog.

Best of luck to our newest contributor, Art Cramer!


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