Thursday, 11 July 2013

Good Riddance

Vic Toews, Member of
Parliament for Provencher,

 resigned to focus on
"family, private sector".

Image Source: Wikipedia
Well, an extremely sad and embarrassing chapter in our great province's history is finally over. Harper CON Vic Toews is no longer the MP for the southeastern Manitoba riding of Provencher. He left on July 9 to allegedly focus on his family and the private sector.

I suspect the case will be him advising companies on federal policy and law, perhaps with an eye for getting through it's loopholes as well as maybe some outright corporate lobbying. Or maybe he's being rewarded for possible past legislative favours?

Just a reminder, former CON Premier Gary Filmon served on MTS Board of Directors after privatizing the company as Premier. It isn't reasonable to rule out the possibility of corporate power players rewarding those who pursue favourable policies with cushy jobs.

Regardless, don't let the revolving door hit you on the way out, Vic.

Toews has disgraced our fine province with enough of his wretched antics and so good riddance to him.

For starters, he had a hissy fit with all sorts of drivel spewing in every direction after his dirty deeds as a spouse were made public. Apparently, there's a long history of whacky electronic communications coming from the ex-MP for Provencher whenever someone gets under his thin skin.

He asks people to support draconian security bills or "stand with [...] the child pornographers". That's right, fellow Manitobans and Canadians, if you fear runaway surveillance statism - the horrors of which were revealed by Snowden in the US a year after Vic's announcement - then you're with the "child pornographers" under Toew's rhetoric.

Don't know about you, but I'd rather not have the government spying in on everything I do.

All in all, though, I have to thank him for resigning. I called for it a year ago and it's good to see that enough factors have come into play to make my wish a reality. Hopefully the next MP for Provencher will better embody the spirit and legacy of the father of Manitoba than ceiling Vic.


  1. Let us hope, however, that the reports that he will be given a judgeship after suitable time in the private sector are untrue. I can think of few people more unfit to sit in judgement on other than Vic Toews.

  2. I'm betting he gets a job with Chipman. AFter all, Toews was the one who handed him 10 Million plus under "infrastructure " to build the MTS iceplex.