Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Harper CON applies for Official Opposition of Manitoba

Well, the scandal plagued Harper CONs are focusing their best efforts with communication. You may wonder what they're communicating (aside from using $100 Million plus Economic Action Plan ads to say the economy is a-okay despite youth joblessness). Are they trying to assure voters that everything is under control and that public funds are in good hands regardless of the fact that many view the CON-dominated Senate as a cesspool? It seems something far from their jurisdiction has caught at least one CON MP's eye.

Saint Boniface CON MP Shelly Glover seems to have had a bright idea about how to deal with the fallout from her party's misgovernment. Glover, the member of the party that hates worker representatives who worked in a job that enjoys the benefits of unions, has decided to join the Official Opposition of Manitoba. Governing, it seems, is just too hard for these CONs.

This message brought to you be
Shelly Glover.

Via Nicole Audette 

The PST hike was a bad idea and it would've made more sense for a purportedly progressive party to use progressive taxes to finance expenses - but the Harper CONs surely have enough problems of their own. Is launching a political campaign against the Manitoba NDP the most important thing to do now?

Though messing in Manitoba's affairs has sorta been a pastime of theirs. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was one of the few good policies Manitoba Conservative Premier Gary Filmon brought in.

In a lightly populated province, whose harsh continental climate fails to draw new arrivals, the PNP served to bring in new residents, new workers, and new ideas. It gave Manitoba the policy space it needed to construct solutions and work with community groups to welcome newcomers and create dynamism. It would be no exaggeration to say that this program has played a part in increasing the vitality and desirability of the West End and downtown in the late 2000s.

So Stephen Harper and his anti-Annex-secularist-man-of-the-immigrant/thank-me-for-denying-refugees-much-needed-healthcare Immigration Minister Jason Kenney gutted the Manitoba success story. There goes a Made in Manitoba policy that served our needs and helped our community.

Rather than defending their last leader in government's greatest legacy, Manitoba CON MLAs blasted the Manitoba NDP and shilled for their federal counterparts anti-Manitoban move. Thank you, (then McFadyen) CONs, for being an accomplice to the screwing over of our province. I'm sure when Manitobans vote against the NDP by voting for you next election we'll be in a for an age of accountability and good policy ... or not.

The appearance of a tit-for-tat relationship you Manitoba CONs have with the Federal Party is pretty amusing, though. We shill for you, you (effectively) advertise for us is what it looks like.

That'd be a nice gig is all I'm saying.

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