Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Corporate Press Priorities


 Osborne House Executive Director Barbara Judt.

Called for Deputy Premier Eric Robinson to apologize
for an off-the-cuff comment in private email and, after
he promptly did, said he wasn't "sincere".

Accuses the predominantly white NDP Government of
Manitoba of trying to give her the push 'cause
she's white. 


Brian Sinclair - who died, well after it
became apparent he was vomiting, waiting 34
hours in an emergency room. The release
of footage detailing his final hours merited
a small snippet article in the Winnipeg Sun compared
 to a full page article detailing Judt's
angry accusations against the Deputy Premier.

Image Source: Winnipeg Metro (Top)

CBC (Bottom)
So, on August 28, 2013 I had the grave misfortune of going  through the Winnipeg Sun. They had a full page, picture featuring article on the whole "do-good white people" manufactroversy, detailing Osborne House Executive Director Barbara Judt's allegations against the Province and Deputy Premier. Meanwhile they had a small, picture-less snippet on the (then recently) released video footage of Brian Sinclair's final hours.

Someone's bruised ego over an off the cuff and (intended to be) off the record email remark is apparently more important than key facts concerning the death of a Manitoban in care.

I really shouldn't be surprised, though.

To the best of my knowledge (and search abilities) neither the Freep nor the Sun covered the Province's arrogant decision to sue flooded out Interlake First Nations. The gist of the lawsuit is that flooded First Nations are in the wrong for not being prepared to be flooded by the Province in 2011!  

Of course it goes without saying that there's no Tom Brodbeck editorials calling for resignations/firings over this.

Can't really blame him too much for not covering the story as he's more of a commentator than a reporter. The only sources I found on the lawsuit against Lake Saint Martin were a CBC video/article and an APTN story. It was no media scandal like Barbara Judt's bruised ego is.

The Winnipeg Free Press (which some wingnuts are actually non-reality-based enough to perceive as a left-leaning paper) and the Winnipeg Sun both ran with the Eric Robinson manufactroversy. Earlier they were running with the Manitoba NDP Government is going to share less gambling revenues with the horse-whipping club story (which apparently counts as a brutal attack on the institution). I can see why because that was so much more important than the government's policy on dispossessed Lake Saint Martin residents.

Lake Saint Martin First Nation and other
First Nations communities were flooded by the
Province. Seems only CBC & APTN thought the
Province suing victimized First Nations for being
unready to suffer floods was newsworthy.

Image Source: 
Winnipeg's corporate press feels it very necessary to give prime coverage to Barbara Judt's  ludicrous claim that the Province is trying to push her from Executive Director of Osborne House because she's white. This is the same Provincial Government that has no problem with the white directors of various other social service delivery organizations and that sues flooded out First Nations.

Yeah, I'm sure they're racist against whites and "Pro-Indian" (as one Winnipeg Zoomer likes to accuse me of being).

Quite frankly, Judt's straining all credibility and seems increasingly at odds with a reality-based view of the world. Robinson's comment was inappropriate, the Human Rights Commission complaint was probably overreacting to it - but I'll give Judt hurt feelings leeway there - yet this "the Province is trying to get rid of me 'cause I'm white" (to paraphrase) spiel is bullshit.

Brian Sinclair given a pan to vomit in his 34 hour
wait to the death in ER.

Image Source: CBC
Barbara Judt is not doing any favours to the vulnerable communities her organization serves by spreading nonsense about indigenous people having it easy with the Province or having the political power to "remove whites" from nonprofit directorships. Already, Freep letters like those from Gorden Wimble are becoming self-congradulatory notes to "taxpaying" "do-gooder whites". There's only a short time period before the self-important noblesse oblige attitude towards the marginalized extends to the "we provide everything to those freeloaders" spiel (which I've actually seen on Facebook immediately following this manufactroversy).

Apparently, marginalized and racialized communities should bow down to virtuous "taxpaying whites" without any concerns over the risks of naive paternalism in social services. There ain't no history of institutions staffed by at least some people with good intentions fucking folks over, eh? Don't worry, the do-gooders know what's best for you.

Honestly, the overreaction to Robinson's private, off the cuff remarks is approaching racial arsonist territory. Naive paternalism in the social service sector can and has been a real problem. Delegitimizing the real concern is not good for vulnerable communities and is not good for the long-term health of our city and our province.  

Barbara Judt, please stop it with the bullshit. You really should know better.


  1. I smell Tory shenanigans. The Brandon sun reported that Melissa Rigden broke the story for APTN. She is a far right former "journalist" for that paper. This story smells to high heaven.

    1. I do recall Judt having a longstanding feud with the Province over fundraising (if I recall correctly, she was angry at the Premier for hosting a fundraiser for the United Way but not OH a couple of years ago). It seems she's playing this for all it's worth.