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Okay Mr. Mulcair - Its time to ask some questions

Mulcair backs away from a wealth tax.

Time to ask the tough questions.

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If you are a regular reader of this Blog, you probably know I spend most of my time going after the Libs. That is due in very large part, to the fact that the MSM simply won't do its job.

Normally, when I slag the Libs, some anonymous, partisan Lib responder implies that I am being unfair, and not being critical of anyone else. Well, as Jim Nabours, as Gomer Pyle was want to say, "surprise, surprise, surprise", take a look below.

It appears that Tom Mulcair may be backing away from the idea of a wealth tax, a plank in his leadership platform that won my vote, and a small contribution to his campaign. To say the least, I am pretty unhappy with Tom's apparent about face on this. Why, it looks like he thinks Le Dauphin is right, an who in a past National Post article indicated he not only was against any kind of such tax, but also though Corporate tax rates were just fine, thanks very much. (remind you of anyone, oh say, Paul Martin, President of Canada Steamship "Flags of Convenience" Lines).

So, truly believing in calling a spade, a spade, and actually calling someone out when it was right to do so for OTHER then Partisan purposes (yes, Libs,that, WAS, meant for you), I emailed the Honorable Member for Outremont, the following, "Little Missive":


I hope you may recall having met me. My name is Arthur Cramer. I am from Winnipeg, supported your bid for leader and contributed to it, at least in part based on your support of a wealth tax.

I believe that Corporations and wealthy Canadians are getting a free ride and not paying their fair share as a result of Canadians as a whole allowing them access to the commons. The Libs and Tories, by purposely removing these streams of revenue have limited the ability of Government to provide for its citizenry. More seriously, they have allowed the meme to take hold that taxes are a penalty, and not, a civic duty. Many great figures in history have cited this fact that taxes are the price we pay and the duty to which we are obligated in providing a society in which all are cared for, among them, and ironiclly, Teddy Roosevelt. If you are in fact siding with Mr. Trudeau, what is the real point of my actively supporting the NDP, and instead, sitting on the sideines?

Le Dauphin, aka Justin Trudeau.

Not the best fellow to take economic
advice from.

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Because they sometimes need a
break from serious economic talks.
Mr. Trudeau has said he did not support your wealth tax position well in advance of your recent, and apparent concession, that Mr. Trudeau is right. Do you now agree with Mr. Trudeau? If so, where do you intend to find the revenue needed to provide for those you wish to govern. I am serious in wiriting you and respectfully request your personal reply. As a long time and current NDP party member, I believe you, as my leader, owe me the courtesy of your response. I supported your candidacy on the belief you would carry on following the tradition of the many great leaders who proceeded you including T.C. Douglas, who was a personal friend of a departed family ancestor and,  David Lewis who was also a friend of other departed family ancestors (NOTE: I actually identified in my email to Mr. Mulcair to whom I was referring regarding knowing previous NDP leaders, but frankly,  am not willing to share this here. You'll just have to take my word for it).

I humbly await your reply.

In solidarity.

Arthur B.B. Cramer, Winnipeg"

So, see, Libs (do Tories actually read this blog?), unlike you guys, I don't blindly accept whatever stand
my leader takes because there are votes in it.

I'll post any reply I receive.

Again, to say the least, the fact Mulcair seems willing to concede Le Dauphin was right, "miffs me". My response, stop whining and pay your G-d damn taxes, and be happy for the privilege and duty. Anyone ever hear of someone named "Teddy Roosevelt"?

If you don't understand the reference, look it up.

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