Wednesday, 18 September 2013

With stars like this, who needs enemies?

Former General Andrew Leslie talking
to sales management at CGI.

CGI now pays Leslie, who co-chair's Trudeau's
advisory council on International Affairs.

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Over at the Huff Post, this headline:

"Stars Aligning",

Who is Andrew Leslie? Why he's a noble General who was Commander of the Army and left the Service to serve the oridinary citizen? Righ? Right....WRONG!

Here, try this:

Andrew Leslie is a key employee of a mega corporation that makes BILLIONS off of war & military actions...

``CGI also announced the appointment of Lieutenant General Andrew Leslie to lead the new Defence, Public Safety and Intelligence unit``...

Real change, right?
Trudeau Liberal economic advisor
Christia Freeland.

Image Source: NPR

Well, what about that women of the People, Christia Freeland? She's OK, right....

Mrs. Freeland retweets info from Fraser Institute. guess #lpc economic team 'shoots the hippo' #torcen …
Now we know how progressive the Fraser Institute is and how up and progressive the Koch brothers from USA who are big donors of Fraser are, right? RIGHT????.


Anyone who has the audacity to call themselves a progressive and still votes LPC, better give their heads a shake.

Sorry Libs, this ISN'T going to end well for you.

Oh well, Le Dauphin can always go back to the "Rubber Chicken Circuit".


  1. Did you read this after you wrote it? Doesn't seem like you did.

  2. Why won't you post with your name? What are you afraid of? Pretty easy being a smart ass when you have nothing to lose.