Wednesday, 23 October 2013

#SenScam2013 Heats up

Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader
Stephen Harper's senate caucus has out of control,
badly behaving members. If he's unable to lead  his
senators onto the straight and narrow path,
then is Harper a real leader?

Image constructed by the Analyst using a screen shot
from "Stephen Harper's solution" ad.
The Conservatives' Senate Expense scandal just keeps growing and growing.

The irony and karma of this latest low point in the Harper Misgovernment is just breath-taking given the high-minded rhetoric over AdScam that drove the Harper CONs to power in 2006.

Further highlighting the rank, moral hypocrisy of the Harper Misgovernment is the vindictiveness with which they're going after environmentalists, First Nations organizations, and labour groups.

Before their majority, the Harper CONs mocked Stephane Dion for having trouble controlling "his own Liberal senators" for votes.

Dion's weak party discipline in the Senate looks like child's play compared to the weak moral discipline Harper's asserting over his Senators. Inappropriate expenses, schemes to bury scandals out've the PMO, and even accusations against the PM himself have all come out of the Senate Expense Scandal. The Senate Scam is descending into a Conservative cesspool very quickly.

Let us also recall how the Harper CONs had to change tactics on Senate reform due to Harper's inability to control his own senators. Under Harper's leadership, the CON Senate Caucus has both weak moral discipline and weak party discipline.

 Last year, before the Senate Scam blow up, this same Harper Misgovernment tried to install a high priced third party manager (while the government was already co-manager -meaning they had to approve any Chief and Council decisions before it came into effect) at Attawapiskat First Nation.

Perhaps, rather than bullying the powerless with made up manufactroversies & coming up with ways to enrich private sector consultants, the Harper Misgovernment could focus its reform efforts a little closer to home.

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