Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Harper CONs campaigning over dead bodies

Israeli Defense Force attacks against Gaza - over Hamas rocket fire - are making headlines here in Canada. This is rightly so as it's a tremendously important situation - especially given the one-sided approach the Canadian Government is taking on the international stage.

I seldom talk about foreign policy issues here, but I have to make an exception now.

This Truth Mashup clip details how the Harper CONs have been using this tragedy in the Levant to their advantage. It also provides some background to the tragedy.

That grossly distasteful Conservative "action movie" trailer was released on July 18, 2014 ... as strikes, fighting and death were happening in Gaza. 

Really, what the fuck is the matter with the Harper CONs? Couldn't they at least wait a few weeks for the dead bodies to grow colder before shamelessly politicking over this issue for domestic gain?

There's ordinary, cynical politics and then there's gross, craven nihilism that ought to be out of question for any mainstream politician in Canada. Sadly, it seems that the Harper CONs' PR machine is okay with crossing that line.


  1. .. but, I thought Harper, Baird, Ray, Duffy etc et al.. were elected (supposedly) per their promise to be transparent & accountable.. recognize, speak for & reflect/uphold our Canadian values.. as per a fairly elected Canadian public servant platform ... ... ?

    1. The Federal Conservative's idealistic promises and vision from the early 2000s certainly hasn't matched their actions in government. Even the populist strain from the Reform days vanished as the elitist rightwing ideologue that is Stephen Harper set his sights against the prairie farmer's Canadian Wheat Board, consultation be damned.

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