Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Harper CONs campaigning over dead bodies

Israeli Defense Force attacks against Gaza - over Hamas rocket fire - are making headlines here in Canada. This is rightly so as it's a tremendously important situation - especially given the one-sided approach the Canadian Government is taking on the international stage.

I seldom talk about foreign policy issues here, but I have to make an exception now.

This Truth Mashup clip details how the Harper CONs have been using this tragedy in the Levant to their advantage. It also provides some background to the tragedy.

That grossly distasteful Conservative "action movie" trailer was released on July 18, 2014 ... as strikes, fighting and death were happening in Gaza. 

Really, what the fuck is the matter with the Harper CONs? Couldn't they at least wait a few weeks for the dead bodies to grow colder before shamelessly politicking over this issue for domestic gain?

There's ordinary, cynical politics and then there's gross, craven nihilism that ought to be out of question for any mainstream politician in Canada. Sadly, it seems that the Harper CONs' PR machine is okay with crossing that line.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Thugs try to terrorize Fringe actress

Vandalized Fringe Festival poster for Lies of a
Promiscuous Woman

Image Source: Courtesy of actress
Theresa Thompson to CBC,  obtained
off of CBC website.
It's that time of year in Winnipeg: Fringe Festival time!

 Various venues across the city are holding the weird, quirky and off beat plays that make the Festival. Everything from The Big Fat Drag Queen to Boomer Love is on display.

 Sadly, one Fringe play has rubbed some (thuggish) folks the wrong way: Lies of a Promiscuous Woman.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Government responsible to the public, not just taxpayers

Be Warned: Some attempts at philosophizing here.

Contributor to The Winnipeg RAG Review Art Cramer has been debating the Manitoba Liberals' Regional Director for Winnipeg East, Kurt Berger, 140 characters at a time via twitter. Before the conversation took a unique turn (for those interested, available here, here, and here) taxes were discussed.

Can't say I entirely agree with colleague Art Cramer's take on the privilege of paying taxes, though he is echoing a sentiment from the father of economics, Adam Smith, who regarded taxes as a "badge of [...] liberty". Certainly, given the regressive nature of sales taxes and user-fees, not all contributors to the public purse are financially privileged, even given that low income Manitobans end up as net beneficiaries of the income tax and transfer system.

I have a problem with Kurt Berger's perspective as well, though. That is his zooming in on being responsible specifically to taxpayers, rather than the general public.