Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Comment System ... bunch of old comments dead

Update: Got old comments back - uncertain of how well it'll work. 
Lest there be another Comment-Gate I'd like to clarify that I switched the commenting system over at The Winnipeg RAG Review from blogger's default system to Livefyre. Unfortunately, it seems that I had to kill a bunch of old comments to do so. Hopefully, it works out in the end.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Harper MisGovernment's sick priorities

Is this how much Prime Minister Harper cares about
the safety of Canadians?

Image obtained from West Coast Native News
The Harper MisGovernment has fought a long battle to destroy indigenous lands with pipelines, showing desperation for US approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Stephen Harper's lackey, Jason Kenney, has gone so far as to opine about US public opinion polls on Keystone to get the dirty - and perhaps bloody - oil project through.

As a unique study in priorities, one should note this same Harper MisGovernment often implies that we have scarce public money. As a response to this the Fabian Neo-Conservative agenda of Harper includes cuts to many basic public services, like transport safety:

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Stephen Harper's Christmas Insult to First Nations

Tina Fontaine vigil, August 19, 2014.

Image taken by Greg Gallinger,
obtained off Twitter
Finding a mean spirited way to insult Indigenous Peoples seems to be a holiday trick Stephen Harper pulls out at least every two years. Back in 2012 he snubbed the suffering community of Attawapiskat for some cribbage photo ops. This year he's basically thumbing his nose at the relatives and advocates of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.  

After a year of tragedy, with increasingly high media profile cases of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (including Sagkeeng First Nation teen Tina Fountaine, who was under the care of Child and Family Services in Winnipeg before her death) Stephen Harper flat out said an Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women "... isn't really high on our radar, to be honest" in a Dec 17 year end CBC interview.

This is well after the Provincial Premiers had supported an inquiry, by the way.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Image Obtained from West Coast
Stephen Harper has had an utterly contemptuous relationship with First Nations. Federal Government lawyers (same government Stephen lets us know is the "Harper Government") spent $3 million trying to stop equitable funding for the First Nations Child Welfare System. The Harper MisGovernment's Aboriginal Affairs Department has even spied on an advocate for First Nations Child Welfare.

While refusing to hold an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, dismissing the social factors behind the tragedy, the Harper MisGovernment is brazenly challenging the sovereignty of Indigenous Nations in court.

All this leads to what a colossal insult admitting an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women was low on his radar is. It is hard to imagine how Prime Minister Harper could show more disregard towards Indigenous Peoples, but surely he'll find a way.     
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