Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"Kinda pathetic" kinda totally right

Are you with us or are you with the TERRORISTS?!!

The mature reasoning like that
kind Elmwood-Transcona MP Lawrence
Toet would us.

Image Source
: Youtube
Seemed like there was quite a bit of March madness coming from the Conservative Party this year. Harper CON MP John Williamson made a comment about "brown people" and "whities" at the nexus of wingnuttery that is the Manning Centre Conference. Fellow Conservative MP Larry Miller told prospective Muslim immigrants to "stay the hell where you came from" if you want to wear niqabs at citizenship ceremonies.

Manitoba, unfortunately, was not free from this lunacy.

 With the farce that is Vic Toews gone from Federal politics other Manitoba MPs have had to step up their game. My own representative of Lawrence Toet seems a prime candidate for the next Toews.

Defending Bill C-51- a civil liberties crushing bill that would inspire mass protest across Canada (including here) - with the following push polling flyer:

Elmwood-Transcona MP and Harper CON
Lawrence Toet's question to constituents.

Image Source: Twitter/Curtis Brown

Residents of Elmwood-Transcona were, predictably, able to cut through this ridiculous bullshit.

Crap like this makes me hopeful for a day, possibly this year, when we citizens of Elmwood-Transcona rightly give this clown the boot.

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