Saturday, 28 March 2015

Lowlights of the 2015 Manning Centre Conference

Boy, this year has been crazy - too busy for super frequent blog posting (that and my twitter account has sorta cannibalized a lot of my would-be blog content). I'm still working on some drafts for the blog that should be interesting but as an inaugural post for 2015 I thought I'd lazily share a good mashup of some of the low lights of the 2015 Manning Centre Conference, courtesy of the fine folks from at Truth Mashup.

This early March conference - a true voice of small c-conservatism with a large C-Conservative speakers - is said to have set the tone for the upcoming Federal Election on the right. If so, then feel joy as we're finally going to get to watch the spectacle of real far-right wingnuttery that's dragged political discourse and policy south of the 49th into the ground.

Finally, Canadian politics can become exciting like US politics by becoming a train wreck like US politics!

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