Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Da EVUL BIKE LOBBY ... and it's nonexistent power

Image Source: Chaos Cycling Club Forum
A local public access demagogue on the Right has taken to hysterical ravings about the "bike lobby" and all their evil plans. Their main, if we can stretch the word, "evidence" for this oh-so-powerful cabal is that in 2010 a bunch of bike infrastructure projects were pushed through. These were done quickly because the Federal stimulus grants they depended on expired quickly.

These Federal grants, just so you know, came out during the Harper Government, which for all intents and purposes could give zero fucks about a small, municipally specific lobby in a mid-size prairie city.

Now, if an all powerful, nefarious bicycle lobby runs City government you'd expect quite a bit of maintenance priority given to bicycle paths. Yet, in reality, much of the Assiniboine Avenue Bikeway was shut down as part of the process constructing a new development. This also makes all the histrionics of how bad the bikeway would be for traffic pretty ironic, at least in the near term.

 Before the return of snow on April 19 I had actually visited both the parts of Assiniboine Avenue that were open and bike infrastructure in Point Douglas and Elmwood. Did I see the sign of an all powerful bicycle lobby then?

Section of the Assiniboine Avenue Bikeway opened, filled with sand,
taken in early April, 2015.

Image Source: Photo by The Analyst.

Assiniboine Avenue Bikeway,
early April 2015.

Image Source: The Analyst

Sharrow lane, along Annabella Street
north of Higgins Avenue in
early April 2015.

Image Source: Photo taken by The Analyst.

Sidewalk level bike way on
Midwinter Avenue in early April

Image Source: Photo by The Analyst


It should also be noted that the Midwinter Avenue bikeway was filled with snow throughout November 2014 until the melt in 2015 and many of the bike lanes in question were also filled with heavy snowfall in winter.

The bike lobby ... truly a force of sinister, cabalistic power!

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