Monday, 27 July 2015

Quack remedies, economic blood letting & smears from Manitoba Forward director

Top: 2.6 million more Greek children entered
poverty following the recession, according
to 2014 Unicef report. 

Bottom: Dave Shorr full of suggestions
for helping Greek kids.

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Image Source: Dave Shorr (bottom)

Dave Shorr is best known for his stint as communications assistant to the Manitoba Liberals' ex-leader Jon Gerrard. In that role Shorr honorably served, taking a clearly anti-smoking line from Manitoba NDP MLA Jennifer Howard and twisting it into "seemingly endorsing smoking as a family tradition".
Here’s what Shorr wrote to me, with selected — and selective — quotes from Hansard:
 Shorr: A day after Nancy Allan sent her deputy minister to a high school in Steinbach, to close a shack for teenaged smokers,  Jennifer Howard is reminded of her comments from a house debate in 2008 seemingly endorsing smoking as a family tradition.


 Shorr again: Howard’s views are at odds with Allan’s efforts (to) reduce teen smoking in Manitoba high schools. Since the NDP have taken power, Manitoba has the highest rates in Canada for teen smoking.

 Shorr: Perhaps most shocking of all is that she seems to be remiss that young adults will never get to  experience smoking in bars.


 Mr. Shorr, do you think me such an idiot that I would print this without reading Hansard and putting this in context? [emphasis added]


Let’s see what else Howard had to say in that debate, this time after reading her entire speech. I haven’t quoted it all here, I’ve been selective too. You can read the whole thing here.
 Howard, on May 13, 2008: "I would like to talk for a moment about some of the things that we have done and how I think those things have been successful. Certainly, one of those is the ban on smoking in public places. I think it’s hard to overestimate what a tremendous change in culture that has been.
 "When I speak now to friends of mine who have kids who are turning 18 and starting to go out to bars for the first time, it strikes me that this generation will never know a smoke-filled bar; that will never be part of their experience. I think that is a tremendously positive change in the culture."
 Oh, that’s a little different, isn’t it?
"Gerrard's spin doctor blows smoke" Nick Martin, Winnipeg Free Press (January 20, 2011)

 The former Liberal staffer went on to greater things, such as executive directorship of the rightwing lobby group Manitoba Forward. As director Shorr stated Manitoba Forward would bring forth "smart policy solutions". A big part of "smart policy solutions" for the lobby group is enacting stark, hard right economic reforms. So the gentleman and scholar that is Mr. Shorr must have much to say about one of the most high stakes economic case studies in the news: the Greek Crisis.