Friday, 30 June 2017

CONs going for sticker nationalism under Scheer

I am greatly amused to find out that the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, is saying he wants the country of origin of oil labelled at gas pumps. Scheer is basing this off the whole "ethical oil" bullshit gimmick perfected by former oil/tobacco lobbyist & all around sleazeball & Ezra Levant.

What I find particularly amusing about this game is that concern over the "unethical oil" is that it never prompted the Harper CONs to dramatically restrict imports of Saudi oil. One thinks if reducing the oil dollars going to "conflict oil" countries and unethical regimes was the main goal of "ethical oil" one could do that with simple import restrictions. This would have the added effect of increasing the price of oil and thereby incentivizing a transition away from oil, which could be helped along with income transfers if you're really worried about increased costs for rural and low income Canadians.

Instead, "ethical oil" was a buzzword used to justify increasing extraction, sometimes with intense opposition from indigenous communities, and pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere - putting humanity at more risk in the long term.

On the other front, the Harper Conservatives (of which Scheer was a member) worked on an arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Very "ethical", eh?

Scheer's sticker gimmicks won't amount to much (and will likely be dropped if his party gets anywhere near power in the next few years) but it's nice to know a shilling for carbon intensive oil extraction will be a recurring theme in the post-Harper Conservative Party.

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